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Bericht door BornFromJets » do 09 sep, 2010 21:33

Een bekende stuurde me een video van zijn 9-5 motorblok en het geluid wat deze maakt!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qwk8iMF3VY [/youtube]

Heb als reply terug gestuurd:

Hello arielista,

As a reaction on your video, i would like to advise you not to use your Saab anymore, and not start or run the engine until the problem is solved!

You told me you have remove the belt and the oil pan, what did you see inside the engine or oil pan when removed???

When not properly maintained or the motoroil is not renewed in time, Black Sludge will appear.
This is a hard cooked oil substance, adhesing to internal engine parts which block internal engine ventilating and greasing channels!
When this blocking happens, some parts like camshafts or valves are not beeing greased (enough) because the oil just doesn't reach the friction points.

This Black Sludge is a common problem with these kind of Saab engines and can only be prevented by changing motoroil in time and using high quality motoroils. I renew my oil every 10.000 km! It's a small effort, doesn't cost a thing and prevents mass engine damages!

In this case, i would look for the problem in 3 places.

First of all remove your camshaft cover, which is the black aluminum cover on top of your engine, with the decals: Saab and Ecopower.
When removed, have a look at the camshafts and to the frictions points where they're attached to the engine (camshaft bearings). When these are not provided with oil, you will see clear markings of wear and tear.

Second, check the timing set / chain. From the sound of it, the tensionwheel, which tensions the chain, came off or is malfuctioning. Grab the chain as far in the engine as possible and check for movement, clearance and extra ordinairies!

And for the last one, i need to know if the engine is vibrating during running.
As for vibrating, i mean like a washing machine, baunching up and down and from left to right! If so, your balancing axis died. This axis provides equal balance and contraweight for the engine.

I will show your video to some fellow saab fanatics and try to find you some extra help!

and in the meanwhile wish you good luck with your quest and hope for the best!

Misschien dat er nog mensen zijn die weten waar dit probleem ligt en hoe het verholpen kan worden?
Waarom maken al die auto's achter me reclame voor 'EITILOP POTS ' ??
Ducati, Triumph Speedtriple 955i @ Winterslaap

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Re: klakkerdeklakkerdeklakkerdeklak!

Bericht door Wasman » zo 12 sep, 2010 3:21

Typisch geval van zo goed als overleden :( . Klinkt mij als een meelopend drijfstanglager met de bijbehorende aanslagen van een zuiger tegen de cilinderkop, helaas. Waarschijnlijk het gevolg van gebrekkige smering (BS?).

Te repareren is in principe alles maar voor hoelang en tegen welke prijs? Deze blokken nu een beetje kennende, is het denk ik beter om een blok uit een jonge sloper te halen, die in te bouwen en dan elke 10.000 km olie te verversen!!
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9000CD 2.0 (verkocht)
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