gas probleem vialle

Alles over Liquified Petroleum Gas en Saabs
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gas probleem vialle

Bericht door pzenden » ma 28 okt, 2013 19:20

9-3 2.0i 1998 op g3

als hij koud of lauw is duurt het 10 km tot de overschakeling op gas

als hij warm is direct

soms als hij koud is schakelt hij ook direct om

kan dat de lamda kabel zijn ( kat is hol moet een nieuwe in)
krijg saab nu spleetogen?

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Re: gas probleem vialle

Bericht door 9000-95 » ma 28 okt, 2013 19:43

kan inderdaad, de lpe schakelt pas over na een bepaald aantal wisselingen van het lambda signaal.
9000 Beverly automaat Prins VSI

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Re: gas probleem vialle

Bericht door pzenden » ma 28 okt, 2013 22:17

zijn er vialle schemas in omloop op het forum?
krijg saab nu spleetogen?

Ted raket
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Re: gas probleem vialle

Bericht door Ted raket » wo 30 okt, 2013 21:19

Geen schema wel tekst. LPE gebruikt lambda signaal, interne temperatuur sensor en koelwater temperatuur sensor. ... Manual.htm" onclick=";return false;

Petrol start and switching time from petrol to LPG

All LPi cars start on petrol. After starting, the engine will run on petrol for some time prior to switching to LPG.

Starting point of the LPi system is the conversion of the petrol injection time to an LPG injection time. The result is that injection takes place according to all values calculated by the original petrol computer, modified for the LPG fuel.

This strategy applies to all operating conditions, including the cold start. When the petrol computer during idling applies mixture enrichment, this enrichment mainly depends on the temperature.

The main arguments for enrichment are the increased friction resistance and fuel deposition on the cold cylinder wall and the valves. The latter argument does not apply for LPG, because the low boiling point ensures effective evaporation, even at low temperatures. Therefore, the injected LPG quantity is too high, which may cause the engine to stall. Consequently, the switching moment has been made depend on three factors:

• The LPE surroundings temperature
• The engine temperature
• The signal from the l sensor

The LPE surroundings temperature

Beyond software version 205908 the outside air temperature (at the LPE) is measured. This is done with a NTC resistance inside the LPE.

This extra parameter provides, in combination with the engine temperature and the l signal, a better determination of the engine temperature,
The engine temperature

Cold engine:

If the engine has been stopped for more than 3 hours, the switching moment only depends on the outside temperature (LPE) and the delivered signal of the l sensor. The switching time for a cold engine is longer than for a warm engine.

Example outside temperature -20 > time 240 seconds
0 > time 120 seconds
20 > time 60 seconds
40 > time 10 seconds

Warm engine:

If the engine has been stopped for less than half an hour, the engine has fixed switching time. This time is programmed for each application (±5 seconds, not affected by the l-sensor signal)

Partially warmed up engine:

If the engine is partially warmed up, the switching time is variable between 5 seconds and the cold engine switching time and is influenced by:
• Outside- and/or engine temperature
• Temperature of the l-sensor
• Runtime of the engine in the last drive cycle
• Elapsed time since the engine is stopped
• Loan during last drive cycle (e.g. idle in stead of 120 km/h)

The L-sensor signal

The L-sensor signal provides information on the mixture control under static conditions. When the signal is changing, it can be assumed that mixture control takes place in closed-loop. This means that no mixture enrichment takes place under static conditions. Under those circumstances it is possible to switch to LPG.

When the l-sensor signal is of influence (cold start and partial warmed engine), the LPE checks if the l-sensor is regulating. When the LPE has detected 5 cycles, it satisfies the requirement concerning the item l-sensor temperature. When all requirements are met, the LPE switches to LPG. When no l-sensor signal is detected the LPE will switch after 3 to 5 minutes.
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Re: gas probleem vialle

Bericht door fozwart » do 31 okt, 2013 0:08

In the end, everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end

Saab 9-3 SS 1.8t, 2005, Hirsch

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